My philosophy of education has been fostered over two decades as a classroom teacher, art historian, museum educator, sex educator, trainer, and professor. This diverse classroom experience reflects my enthusiasm for varied learning styles. As a non-traditional trainer who loves to learn, I cultivate the creative and curious spaces that I would want when exploring new ideas.

I have provided the following interactive workshops and am glad to discuss the creation of a training to meet your needs. 

Intimate Partner Violence

  • 45hr Domestic Violence Counselor Certification Training
  • Intimate Partner Violence, Gender, and Race: The Flexibility of Masculinity
  • Relational Violence + Stalking: Working with College Students
  • Empowerment Counseling and Intimate Partner Violence
  • Opioids and Intimate Partner Violence for Case Managers
  • Intimate Partner Violence in Health and Human Service Settings 

Sexual Health + Counseling

  • Communicating Comfort: Things to Consider When Talking About Sexuality with your Patients
  • Creating Comfort: Working with LGBTQ Clients in a Medical Setting
  • Sex, Social Work and HIV: Promoting Positive Sexuality in Your Organization
  • Pleasure on the Table: Discussing Sexuality at the Provider’s Office
  • Dating and Disclosure: HIV and LGBT Baby Boomers
  • Kinky Counseling: Harm Reduction Strategies in HIV Counseling
  • Teaching On Our Backs: Creating Best Practices for Gynecological Teaching Associates
  • Think Big! Think Small!: A Grassroots Sex Education Business Perspective
  • Community Sex Organizations: A New Position on Community-Based Education
  • Transforming Sickness: When a Paraphilia Reads as an Illness

Sexual Orientation + Gender Identity

  • From Smoochin to Sexin: Sexual Negotiation and Communication for Trans/Cis Couples
  • Disclosure in Relationships: A Gift or a  Given?
  • High Femme Impact: Latinx Resilience in Weary Times
  • A Queerer History: A Timeline of Queer Elders + Events
  • Sexy at Sixty: The Mind/Body Mambo
  • Loving Openly: Navigating Open Relationships
  • Transgressing the XXX: Intro to Trans Porn
  • Gender Exploration: Getting Below the Skin
  • Pollination Books: Building a Community Sexual History
  •  Fantastic Sex Practices: A Look at Non-Traditional Loving
  • The Anatomy of Pleasure: What You Didn’t Learn in Health Class


  • Facilitate the Facilitator: The (World of) Difference Between Teaching and Facilitating
  • Student’s Talking About Relationships: A Healthy Relationships Curriculum

Consultation + Facilitation

Many organizations recognize that there is a benefit to hiring an outside consultant to bolster their offerings for clients and/or staff.  Whether this is to facilitate difficult conversations, review internal policies, or build out your organizational vision, I offer a personalized and dynamic approach to working with your team. (details upon request)

Clients + Partners

  • AccessMatters
  • The Attic Youth Center
  • Brown University
  • Bryn Mawr College
  • The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health
  • Einstein Medical Center
  • Health Care Access Maryland
  • The Kinke Shoppe
  • Lakehead University
  • Mariposa Food Cooperative
  • Maryland Department of Health
  • Mazzoni Center
  • Philadelphia FIGHT
  • Prevention Point
  • Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
  • Resources for Human Development
  • The Sexploratorium at Passional
  • Southeast Asian Mutual Assistance Association Coalition (SEAMAAC)
  • St. Mary’s College of Maryland
  • The University of Pennsylvania
  • Widener University
  • The William Way LGBT Community Center